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Periodontics, refers to a dentistry specialty which deals with the diagnosis, cure, and prevention of diseases connected to tooth tissues, as well as in their function, maintenance, appearance, and health.

A minor form of a periodontal illness is gingivitis. This type of periodontal disease causes a redness of the gums, making them bleed easily and become swollen. Gingivitis can be cured by a dentist and through an optimal home oral care. If not cured, gingivitis can turn into periodontitis. As time goes by, under the gum line there can gather and spread plaque. The gums get separated from the teeth, generating certain areas in which infections can develop. If not treated, these areas can grow deeper, creating more damage to the tissue of the gum and the bones. Finally, the teeth can become loose and they would have to be extracted.

Periodontitis Risk Factors

Potential periodontitis risk factors include:

Smoking: we all know that smoking is bad for our health. However, it also represents the most important risk factor for developing gum illnesses. Moreover, it can lower the chance of a successful treatment.
Pills: Sometimes, over the counter medicines can reduce the saliva in the oral cavity, which has a protective influence for the mouth. If there is not enough saliva, the oral cavity may easily develop infections like gum illnesses.
Genetic predispositions: some patients can develop gum diseases more quickly than others.
Hormonal changes in women: these factors can make the gums more sensitive, which enables the gingivitis to occur more easily.
Diabetes: patients who suffer from diabetes have a higher risk of getting infections, such as gum illnesses
Other diseases and their cures: illnesses like AIDS and its cures could have a negative impact on the gum health, too. The same is valid for cancer;

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