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Time is a luxury for both the patient & the doctor. Once one experiences luxury in life, it's hard to go back to the ordinary. The unattainable luxury of measuring time in days in orthodontics is now becoming a reality. FASTBRACES® Technologies, a true American original now in over 50 countries, is celebrating its quarter-of-a-century anniversary of providing products that help dentists and orthodontists straighten teeth. Teeth are crooked because they didn't erupt properly and came in tilted, sideways, overlapping or spaced apart and, as a result, they are not upright and straight. FASTBRACES® Technologies high performance bracket systems upright the roots of the teeth from the beginning of treatment with just one square wire by torquing and tipping them from the very first appointment. Treatment time for non-surgical comprehensive orthodontic therapy should take more than 120 days with the FASTBRACES® CLASSIC™ SERIES and could take less than 120 days with the FASTBRACES® TURBO™ SERIES, depending on the patient cooperation and clinical experience of the treating doctor.

Technologies offers two lines of products

As an icon of tradition and an inspiration for the future, FASTBRACES® Technology is now globally known because of its fast and comfortable reputation. The ultimate goal of the FASTBRACES® Technology products is a presentation of ease and relaxation in motion and of comfort in action. Like a champion athlete, whose seemingly natural performance is actually a result of thousands of hours of practice, the apparently effortless fit and performance of FASTBRACES® Technology bracket systems is the result of magnificent artistry. Today, the original FASTBRACES® CLASSIC™ SERIES brackets is still a mainstay. The new amazing FASTBRACES® TURBO® SERIES is now available for those discerning patients whose time is more important than money. Whether it’s the enduring quality of the original FASTBRACES® CLASSIC™ SERIES or the stylish FASTBRACES® TURBO™ SERIES, our company’s commitment to using top notch technology to create faster and less painful braces means that our doctor clients can be sure that utilizing FASTBRACES® Technology products will have their patients smiling in time as thousands of patients, both children and adults, have benefited from the technology of FASTBRACES®. As FASTBRACES® Technologies embarks on its long journey towards its first century of excellence, one would say that this truly American institution has always represented the democracy of good products and fast results.

Product line

The FASTBRACES® TURBO® SERIES bracket system has its own character, its own personality, yet it proves that when one remains faithful to the original intent of maximizing doctor satisfaction, there's no limit to the creativity that can be expressed. The FASTBRACES® TURBO® bracket is lightweight and robust with an overall outline that ensures optimum protection for the interior surface of the lips and buccal soft tissues for minimum irritation, if any. It feels as if the bracket is lined with a silk-like fabric unmatched by other designs. This bracket was simply designed as a refinement of the FASTBRACES® CLASSIC™ model to be more comfortable yet more robust. The result is more than just an esthetically pleasing product. It serves a sensation to the end user of full integration with the mouth; a polished interpretation of the iconic FASTBRACES® CLASSIC™ bracket. This ingeniously engineered bracket with its rounded edges ensures a comfortable feel similar to the exhilaration when sliding on ice. The wider body of the bracket allows the elbows to apply traction to the roots of teeth earlier, almost with human intelligence. In other words, the elbows are optimized for outstanding root movement dynamics and agile handling which are highlighted with a mechanically clever balancing differential that make the roots of teeth move like a ballerina on ice, smoothly and beautifully. Tip and Torque are achieved effortlessly with a sensation of ease that has come to fruition with the new elongated elbow configuration application. The root engagement is more immediate, the responsiveness and the agility more efficient. This pure connection elevates the satisfaction of the user and the end-user from a challenge pretreatment to a universal reward post treatment. This logical consequence is unmistakably and directly attributed to the superb redesign coefficient of this product.


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